Umpire Course Attendees

The club member records of all attendees on the Umpires Course at Swindon CC on 30th June have now been updated to show that they are ACO Trained.

Loan Player Requests for next weekend

20 Jul 2024 13:00: Biddestone 3 at home to Bradford-on-Avon 2 (Division 7)

We are looking for players to join us if you want a game. We are a friendly, mixed ability team.

Contact Heath Turck: 07557513198

Teams without a match on Saturday 20th Jul 2024.

Bradford-on-Avon 3 (Division 10)

Corsham 4 (Division 9)

Teams without a match on Saturday 27th Jul 2024.

Melksham 3 (Division 10)

Erlestoke (Division 2)

Bradford-on-Avon (Division 2)

Swindon 5 (Division 9)

Roll of Honour

Batting Roll of Honour - Weekend of 13 July
Jack Smith 145 Allington v Heytesbury & Sutton Veny Division 5
Shawn Vithanage 133 Royal Wootton Bassett 3 v Trowbridge 3 Division 7
Chris Penhaligon 124 Potterne 3 @ Warminster 2 Division 3
Henry Fry 120 Avebury 3 @ Warminster 3 Division 8
Daniel Gill 118 * Westbury @ Bear Flat Division 1
William Oatley 118 Trowbridge 3 @ Royal Wootton Bassett 3 Division 7
Jonathon Clarke 113 Royal Wootton Bassett 2 @ Calne Division 2
Charlie Doel 113 Calne 2 @ Box 2 Division 7
Jayesh Seethalayam 111 Swindon Super Strikers 3 @ Swindon 5 Division 9
Tom Spencer 110 Potterne 3 @ Warminster 2 Division 3
Bowling Roll of Honour - Weekend of 13 July
Callum Barnes 9.0-2-24-6 Bishops Cannings v Hinton Charterhouse 2 Division 3
Liam Stacey 8.1-0-33-6 Wanborough @ Swindon 3 Division 3
Manoj Perera 8.4-3-13-5 Shrivenham @ Chippenham 4 Division 6
Alfie Kendle 6.1-2-17-5 Westbury 3 v Calne 4 Division 10
Chris Lailey 8.0-1-25-5 Great Bedwyn v Chippenham 3 Division 3
Mrigank Kumar 9.0-1-27-5 Nationwide House 2 @ Lacock Division 6
Thomas Garbett 9.0-1-30-5 Avebury 3 @ Warminster 3 Division 8
Ollie Illingworth 9.0-3-33-5 Avebury 2 @ Swindon Super Strikers Division 5
Graham Milne 9.0-1-36-5 Burbage & Easton Royal 3 @ Beehive Southwick 2 Division 8
Mathijs Inder Rieden 7.0-0-40-5 Biddestone @ Goatacre 2 Division 1

Pitch Marks

The pitch marks for the first half of the season can now be downloaded.

Common Disciplinary Offences

The League has produced a document detailing the most common disciplinary offences. Please make sure all players are aware of its contents, and know where the boundary lies between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.

League Policies

The League Rules page is now "Rules and Policies", and includes four policy documents:
- Joining the League Policy
- Promotion and Relegation Policy
- Weather Interference Policy
- Concussion Protocol

Umpire Courses

It was previously announced that to count as ACO-Trained, umpires would have to complete the new Umpire's course and the CPD modules. However, the CPD modules have been delayed. Therefore anybody who has completed the new umpire's course will be considered ACO-Trained for 2024, but if they do not then complete the CPD modules, they will be downgraded to forum-trained for 2025.

We also said that there would be an online-only course available for people to become forum-trained. This course has also been delayed. However, it should be available before too long. We will announce on the league website when it is available, including registration instructions. Apologies for the delay with this, which is beyond our control.

Play Cricket Import

The Play Cricket import now has a second option, which should work for all scorecards including those which have ball-by-ball scoring, and FrogBox videos. Please report if it does not work.

Umpire Qualifications for the WCCL - 2024 and Beyond.

As you may know, the ECB ACO are redeveloping the umpire's education pathway. The pathway will consist of:

(1) A course, designed by the ECB ACO. This contains an online module and then a day's face-to-face course. It will also be possible to do the online module without continuing on to the face-to-face course.

(2) Seven "CPD Modules". These are face-to-face, and take 60-90 minutes each. They are run by WACO. The format is yet to be decided, but it may be that you do all seven in a day, or in 2-3 evenings, etc.

The current expected timescale is:

- The course is already available to book. There are two being run in Wiltshire, on 21st January and 3rd March. See for details.
- The online only part of the course will be announced in the New Year.
- The CPD modules will probably be announced in March.

For the WCCL, the following will apply:

- Anybody who has done the online module of the course will be considered to be Forum-Trained.
- Anybody who has done both the full course and the seven CPD modules, will be considered to be ACO-Trained.

Anybody who is already Forum-Trained or ACO-Trained will continue to receive points for this.

League Rules 2024

The league rules for 2024 are now available to download from here. Please make sure you at least look at page 3 (rules which have changed for 2024). Please also look at page 2 (rules which vary from division to division) if you have been promoted or relegated for 2024.

AGM Minutes

The minutes of the AGM are now available to download

Concussion Protocol

The ECB have recently released their latest guidance on the management of concussions. You can find it here.

In summary, if a player has a blow to the head and has any of the following symptoms, you must treat it as concussion:
- Loss of consciousness or responsiveness
- Lying motionless on ground/slow to get up
- Unsteady on feet/balance problems or falling over/incoordination
- Dazed, blank or vacant look
- Slow to respond to questions
- Confused/not aware of plays or events
- Grabbing/clutching of head
- An impact seizure/convulsion
- Tonic posturing - lying rigid/motionless due to muscle spasm (may appear to be unconscious)
- More emotional/irritable than normal for that person
- Vomiting

Any player with a concussion or a suspected concussion must take no further part in the match. You then need to read the full guidance, as depending on their symptoms, they may also need medical assessment, and there are also restrictions on various activities including drinking, driving, and when they can return to training and playing cricket.

Compliance with the concussion guidelines is mandatory in the WCCL.