Rules and Policies

League Rules

The league rules for 2024 can be downloaded as a PDF.

League Policies

The league has created a number of policies to assist clubs.

The Joining the League Policy gives details of how to join the league, the requirements which must be met, and the deadlines for applying.

The Promotion and Relegation Policy explains how promotion and relegation is implemented. It is based on both the league rules and common practice, and is written in simpler language than the league rules on promotion and relegation.

The Weather Interference Policy outlines when cricket should stop due to the weather, when it should restart, and who makes the decision.

The Concussion Policy states how a player must be managed following any head injury, both for the rest of the match, and after the match.

Club Contact Details

Club contact details and ground directions can be found by clicking on a club name in the fixture list or division table. Contact details are only available once logged in.