Divisional Structure

Unfortunately the divisional structure is not quite ready for release. We have an issue which we will be talking to a club about at the AGM, before finalising the structure. Apologies for the delay.

League AGM

The League AGM is on 27th November, 19:45, at Beversbrook, Calne. Documents for the meeting have now been sent to all club secretaries. If your secretary has not received them, please contact the admin officer.

Pitch Marks

The pitch marks for the 2023 season can now be downloaded here.

End of Regionalisation

Following a survey of clubs in the regionalised divisions, we have a majority who want to return to a linear format. Hence we will be ending regionalisation, and returning to having league-wide Divisions 7, 8 and 9 in 2024.

Concussion Protocol

The ECB have recently released their latest guidance on the management of concussions. You can find it here.

In summary, if a player has a blow to the head and has any of the following symptoms, you must treat it as concussion:
- Loss of consciousness or responsiveness
- Lying motionless on ground/slow to get up
- Unsteady on feet/balance problems or falling over/incoordination
- Dazed, blank or vacant look
- Slow to respond to questions
- Confused/not aware of plays or events
- Grabbing/clutching of head
- An impact seizure/convulsion
- Tonic posturing - lying rigid/motionless due to muscle spasm (may appear to be unconscious)
- More emotional/irritable than normal for that person
- Vomiting

Any player with a concussion or a suspected concussion must take no further part in the match. You then need to read the full guidance, as depending on their symptoms, they may also need medical assessment, and there are also restrictions on various activities including drinking, driving, and when they can return to training and playing cricket.

Compliance with the concussion guidelines is mandatory in the WCCL.

League Rules 2023

The league rules for 2023 are now available to download from here. Please make sure you at least look at page 3 (rules which have changed for 2023) and page 24 (changes to the laws of cricket). Please also look at page 2 (rules which vary from division to division) if you have been promoted or relegated for 2023.