The WCCL AGM will be held at Beversbrook Sports Club, Calne, on Tuesday 26th November, 7:45pm start. Full details will be sent to club secretaries in due course.

Injury to Jayke Hudd

As many of you will be aware, there was an injury at the match between Bradford on Avon and Trowbridge II, which caused one of the Trowbridge players, Jayke Hudd, to be hospitalised. Trowbridge CC have asked the league to pass on the following message.

"Trowbridge CC would like to thank every club who has been in contact with them over the past two weeks regarding the accident and Jayke's wellbeing. The affection that has come the way of the club has been tremendous. That cricketers from around the county, some of which who do not know Jayke at all, who have expressed their concerns and best wishes has been incredible."

High Full Tosses

This year, the laws on full tosses has been updated slightly. As has been the case for several years, it remains the case that any full toss above waist height is a no ball, regardless of the pace of the ball, or any other factors. However, a warning is now only given to the bowler if the umpire considers that the delivery was dangerous. It remains the case that a second warning causes the bowler to be removed from the attack for the remainder of the innings.

Club Contact Details Updates

The captain of North Bradley CC is now Jay Earl. Phone 07834 736408.

2019 Updates

If you have any updates to your handbook entry, please submit them on the website as well as letting the Fixtures and Results Officer, and the Admin Officer know.

If you have gained any players from another WCCL club over the winter, please let the Fixtures and Results Officer know, so their player record can be moved to their new club.