Club Welfare Officers

As discussed at the league AGM, it is a requirement of the league (rule 22a), and of Wiltshire Cricket, that every club has a Club Welfare Officer who in the last three years has completed the ECB Safe Hands Workshop, the Sportscoach UK Safeguarding and Protecting Children Workshop, and an ECB DBS check. With abuse cases in sport making headlines several times in the past 12 months, the league will now be checking that the Club Welfare Officer of every club has completed these requirements.

Details of ECB Safe Hands Workshops are arranged by Wiltshire Cricket. They are running a workshop at Beversbrook, Calne on Wednesday 21st February 2018, 6:00-9:00pm. You can book onto the workshop via the Wiltshire Cricket website course application page. The deadline for applications is 15th February 2018, and the price is £35.

The Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshop is run in Wiltshire by the Wiltshire and Swindon Sport Activity Partnership (WASP) on behalf of Sportscoach UK. They are running workshops on 7th February 2018 in Trowbridge, Thursday 22nd March 2018 in Swindon, and Tuesday 1st May 2018 in Salisbury. All workshops run from 6:30-9:30pm, and cost £47. Workshops can be booked via the partnership website.

ECB DBS checks are arranged through Wiltshire Cricket. Please contact Pete Sykes or Karen Smith at Wiltshire Cricket to arrange. Once they have initiated your DBS check, the process requires filling in an online form, and then a brief meeting with one of many DBS checkers in the county in order to sign off your application. A paper version is also available, but takes significantly longer.

These two workshops and ECB DBS check are also available in Somerset, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire, for those clubs from outside Wiltshire who play in the league.

Disciplinary Penalties

With the number of disciplinary incidents which occurred in the league in 2017, the league will be using its powers under rule 51b of the league rules to penalise any team whose players are found guilty of an offence by the league. The penalties will be based on the level of offence committed, as follows:

  • Level 1 offence: 2 points and a fine of £25.
  • Level 2 offence: 4 points and a fine of £25.
  • Level 3 offence: 6 points and a fine of £25.
  • Level 4 offence: 8 points and a fine of £25.

In addition, if a second or subsequent offence is committed by any player in the club during the same season or the following season, their team will be penalised as above plus an additional 5 penalty points.

The above is in addition to the penalties received by the player in question.

The WCCL Committee hopes that this will be sufficient to significantly reduce the number of disciplinary cases which are being seen by the league, but if it does not, the league reserves the right to increase the above penalties during the season.

2017 Handbook Updates

Biddestone: The secretary's email address is secretary.biddestonecc (at)

Calne: The secretary's email address is now stevericoh60 (at)

Chippenham: The secretary's email address is stevesilk (at)

Corsham 4th XI: The captain is now Andy Day. Mobile 07971 608256. Landline 01249 822219.

Highworth: The chairman is now Tony Horn (see Secretary in handbook).
The secretary is now Luke Roche (see Fixture Secretary in handbook), lukeroche820 (at)
The captain is now Ryan Allen 07703 732422.

Swindon CC: The secretary's email address is (at)

White Horse: The chairman's email address is isharpe (at)

Winsley 2nd XI: The captain is now Cameron Selway. Tel: 07545 390765.