End of Season

With the end of the season nearly here, entries are now open for the 2018 season, and as soon as your team has finished your last match, you can also enter the end-of-season averages. Deadline for both is Saturday 30th September.

2017 Handbook Updates

Biddestone: The secretary's email address is secretary.biddestonecc (at) gmail.com

Calne: The secretary's email address is now stevericoh60 (at) gmail.com

Chippenham: The secretary's email address is stevesilk (at) chippenhamcc.org.uk

Corsham 4th XI: The captain is now Andy Day. Mobile 07971 608256. Landline 01249 822219.

Highworth: The chairman is now Tony Horn (see Secretary in handbook).
The secretary is now Luke Roche (see Fixture Secretary in handbook), lukeroche820 (at) gmail.com.
The captain is now Ryan Allen 07703 732422.

Swindon CC: The secretary's email address is william.glass (at) ntlworld.com.

White Horse: The chairman's email address is isharpe (at) ntlworld.com

Winsley 2nd XI: The captain is now Cameron Selway. Tel: 07545 390765.

Promotion and Relegation

As we approach the end of the season, people start thinking about promotion and relegation. If you click on "About the WCCL" in the menu, there is a sub-page which gives an overview of how it all works. But with two weeks to go, it's all too close to call, both in several of the WCCL divisions, and in the divisions in WEPL which affect our league.

Holiday Season

Now we are getting into the summer holidays, it's the time when results are late, and fines increase. Therefore if you usually put the results in for your team and you are going away, please make sure you've arranged for someone else to do this in your place. Make sure they know the deadlines, and have your club password. You may also want to update your club e-mail so that they receive the deadline reminders.

Forum-Trained Players

I am seeing a significant number of results where the home team have not listed the forum-trained players for the away team, and the away team have had to correct this on confirmation. When you enter the result, please check the names of the opposition playing XI against the list of forum-trained umpires in the dropdown box, and select as appropriate. Thanks.


The website will now send out e-mail reminders to clubs who have not entered/confirmed a result, shortly before the deadline. However, please do not rely on this, as automated e-mails have a tendancy to be spam-filtered. To change the notification email address for your club, please log in and then go to "Club Email Address" on the menu.

Umpires Bonus Points

The list of Umpires Forum attendees has now been loaded onto the website, and the points from the matches on 29th April and 6th May have been awarded. If you spot any errors in the points from these matches, or any spelling errors, etc, please let the fixtures officer know.